MyGov-Central Platform for Government

MyGov-Central Platform for Government

MyGov is a central platform, offering citizens one-stop access to a wide range of government services. With 1700+ services spanning 32 ministries, it's the preferred choice for 4 million citizens. The platform enables easy service application, tracking, online payments, and certificates, promoting transparency and efficiency while reducing time and costs.

Principles of myGov:

  • Give Once, Get Always: Empower citizens through streamlined government services on myGov's accessible platform.
  • Get without asking: Seamless access to essential government services via myGov's proactive platform.
  • Anytime, anywhere, anyhow: myGov ensures access to services at your convenience, wherever you are, in any way you prefer.
  • High quality, Low cost: myGov delivers top-notch services at a fraction of the cost.
  • Feedback Responsive: where feedback fuels responsive governance.

The ultimate beauty of this platform is its Multiple Access Points (333, Eksheba Uddokta, Eksheba Sarkar, e-Nothi) with secured APIs and integration facilities with multiple systems for both the Citizens and Government officials.

myGov Core Technology Stack:

  • 333
  • UDC
  • Web and App
  • Central Payment Platform
  • Public Grievance
  • Citizen KYC
  • Government Filing System
  • Government Payment Aggregator
  • National Digital Architecture
  • Govt. Access Window

Benefits of myGov:

  • my locker – All documents in one place
  • Citizen & Govt. Single ID
  • Digitizing 20 Services Per Day without programming
  • Auto integration with NID, Nothi, Payment, GRS, UDC,333. Online Payment anywhere anytime
  • Data & Profile Sharing Facility
  • Access Services anywhere anytime
  • Smart Happiness Index
  • Reduction of Time, Cost, and Value for Citizen and Time and Cost for govt. 
MyGov-Central Platform for Government
MyGov-Central Platform for Government MyGov-Central Platform for Government
Technology Specification:
  • Programming Language & Framework: PHP, Laravel 
  • Database: MySQL
  • Version Control Management Tool: GitHub
  • Project Management Tools: Click up

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